Feb. 22nd, 2009

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Yes yes, I don't post much. But I'd be remiss if I didn't at least mention the convention I just got home from. considering it took all of like five minutes to drive home, and my mate is one the staff. XD

Furry Fiesta turned out to be fun. Having Fuzzwolf on staff and helping with registration the first day made it so I had to be running the table the whole day, and that kinda sucked cause i never made it to the gaming room, Saturday was good fun. Got to play games and do stuff with folks I don't see much. We had a very nice dinner with Kyell Gold and his mate.

I had only two minor problems with the con itself. Dealer's registration was a bit wonky, since there was a miscommunication with Shiva and the dealer's had to go back to normal reg to finish things up. That'll be different next year for sure and so its all good.

Second was the con suite. I feel bad, since i know they had food for like half the number of people who were there, so i'm not gonna mention the food itself. That was out of their hands, but good GOD they needed caffeine. Soda people, Soda. This is a con, people wish to stay up all night long. Make it easy for us! Better yet, get a sponsor and sell Bawls like every convention in the last year has. that seems to be a huge hit.

But those are both minor quibbles, easily overlooked in a con that went far better then a first year con would be expected to go, especially once you factored in that twice the number of people showed up as expected. I commend the staff for their hard work making all this go well.

For us personally, Furplanet did well in the dealer's den, even though it was a very strange sales weekend. I was expecting sales to suck frankly. Small con, bad economy, a whole bunch of the attendees being people we know who already have our stuff? Not the best selling environment. I was expecting some minor sales and that was gonna be cool. I mean, I drove home to sleep every night in my own bed. there were going to be no complaints if the dealer's room doesn't explode with money, the cost of going to this con was so low it wouldn't matter.

But looking at our sales, you'd have thought we were at a much bigger con. I guess to some degree we were, with the con's attendance being over 500 when they had expected 250, but I think we saw a big bump because we had a lot of the SofaWolf novels and comics, and so we kind of counted as two dealers instead of one. I like doing that cause we make good money and so do they. next time, I'd like to have a bigger selection of the Rabbit Valley Products, so we can count as all three dealers.

From what the other dealers said they did well also. Or at least all the big name artists like Heather and Dark Natasha who sat across from us and talked all weekend did. I hope the rest of the room did well too.

And once I finally got to the game room I had a lot of fun playing my new game Power Grid, even though i have yet to win it in the five times I've played. Mark of a very good board game for me, that i enjoy playing and losing so much.

So I say good job to the folks on the Furry Fiesta staff, some of whom I know are reading this. You put on a good con, and next year is looking good too.

Just, get yourself some more help cause you guys were looking pretty damn tired by Sunday night. I felt especially bad for Guardian, Celyddon, and Istanbul, all who looked liked death reheated three times by the end. You guys worked yourselves much to hard. I want to see FF2 succeed, but I also don't want to see you guys die doing it. :)


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