Jul. 12th, 2009

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So, this is my five word meme, and the words were given to me by [livejournal.com profile] ziabandito555

It was fairly fun to do, heh, though i think som eof my answers might surprise Zia. Oh, heh, and I had to cut the entry for Streak short since I started talking waaaay to much.


So, Texas is where I live.... and that's really the only nice thing I have to say about the state as a whole. Dallas is nice. Okay, parts of Dallas are nice. But the state as a whole is boring, semi flat, and filled with little of interest besides the people who live here. (hey there all you Texas furs!)

I've often said that people live in Texas for two reasons, family and jobs. You're either born here, or lured here by the prospect of work. It's why my family moved here, and it's why I've stayed here. (The job part, my parents would ironically be more likely to visit me if I lived in the Colorado mountains rather then across the metroplex.)

Texas isn't a BAD place to live, nor is it the wore state to live in. I'd much rather live here then most of the rest of the south, but... well it's not exactly an enchanted place.


My boyfriend Fuzzwolf, who I've been with several years now. He's a sweet guy, even when he's trying to help. (Yes, that's a inside joke.)

We've been together a long while now, since 2001 in fact. It started out as a long distance relationship, and now we've lived together since 2004. It's been a fun and rocky road and I love him. The big lug.


Gaming is a passion of mine. I play D&D avidly, love strange card and boards games, and run a Shadowrun game that's been going over a year. Add in World of Warcraft and other video games, and I spend a lot of my time gaming. Thankfully, I am in remission from my addiction to CCGs.

Fuzzwolf wonders what the devil I see in all of it.


Streak, or Joseph Baker, is a character I help introduce into the superhero world of Zia's forthcoming book Save the Day.

He won't actually appear in that book, since his story takes place later, but he's in the world.

Streak is his nickname in real life since he's a gay black and white wolf whose fur looks like somebody streaked white paint into a black wolf's fur, but it's also his nickname because his superhero identity is The Silver Streak. He's a speedster with electrical powers who wears a silver and black costume, and rarely appears as more the a streak of color since he moves so fast.

Streak is part of Zia's second generation of super powered furs, and frankly a rather unlucky guy. Streak started out because K9 drew a damn damn sexy picture of a badger, and Zia has a really interesting badger character in the series... and I totally wanted to see the badger get laid.

And because I can never just write a character into a scene for no reason, I ended up making a fully fleshed out character, back story, and a full fledged romance plot full of unrequited love just so that one sex scene made sense.


The gym, just behind my apartment complex, is something I have been missing a lot in the last few weeks. AC prep took up to much time for me to go work out after work each day, and now I'm getting back into the habit. And dear god do my muscles hurt. At least some days there are sexy muscle guys to look at while torturing myself.

The gym also brings up the fact that well I'm a tubby guy, but I Wish I was a muscle bound stud, because I find muscle bound guys hot as hell. Personally though I'd just like to be less fat. Not twig thin swishy, though that would make my boyfriend most happy, just have less meat on the bones.


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