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I believe the Gay community just got faced by Obama. Just try complaining now, because if you do you deserve to be beaten and thrown out of politics.


Folks like Rick Warren and James Dobson, and other gay hate mongers have always been part of things like the inauguration and running of the country. those dick have always been abel see see the president, no matter what party there were from.

But no other president would have dared invite an openly gay bishop to give a prayer at any event, no matter how much the gay community may have bitched and moaned. But Obama has.

Obama has done a lot of things that no other politician would have ever done, and he has failed to receive credit for that. I think what has bothered me most about politics since election day has been the irrational expectations placed upon the president elect.

Obama's not even in the job yet, and pundits from both sides have been complaining and complaining that Obama hasn't changed things like he promised. that his appointments are people who have experience and qualifications to do their jobs, as opposed to completely unknown people who had never been to Washington. As if things would magically change over night on November 5th once Obama had ridden in on his flying unicorn.

Well guess what folks, Obama has been changing things. For once in the history of America, we've got a president who considers gay people to actually be people with rights. He's changing things in a big way.

He's making changes slowly, carefully, and with a whole hell of a lot of planning so that everything changes smoothly, but he's damn well bringing change to the nation. I for one am damn glad he is moving slowly and planning ever step out carefully, because I want things done right.
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