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Day 12 on road to arches

Well today was good, if much much to hot.

Eddie McStiffs did not live up to it's reputation as a restaurant or as an amusing name. Terrible service for the lose.

Moab is full of kitchy shops. Death by sticker shock and kitchy doodads is a sevear risk.
It is over all pretty good.

Day 13 on road to Mesa Verde

The day begins with a hike to through Devil's Garden, a very beautiful spot in Arches National Park.

Landscape Arch is freaking amazing. Over a football field long and yet only 6 feet thick at one point. Nature makes some weird shit man.

At Mesa Verde we did two walking tours of cliff side dwellings. The first started with a 31 foot tall, no side rails, old style wood ladder to get up to the dwelling. It went, metaphorically, downhill from there.

The ancient puebloians did not have walls along the edge, so there were no walls to stop you from falling into the canyon. They were also petite sized, meaning they though nothing of building tiny tunnels to connect the sections of the town. I will never forget the image if Dan's butt wedged in their doorway, no matter how much bleach I use. He will never forget the sight of me squeezing through because the bastard took photos. (I had a camera? Why did I miss that opportunity?)

The final ascent out consisted of a 20 foot ladder, a 25 foot scramble across a weathered set of steps carved into the cliff face, and another 18 ft ladder. I did not look down, but the damn ranger was kind enough to point out the 600 foot cliff behind me right as i got on the second ladder, the jerk. Thank god for the wrought iron railing, even if it was made out of loose chains.

Day 14 on road to Santa Fe

We don't have time to try it, since the stove ran outta fuel, but Mocco Soco Cocoa sounds reaaaaaly good....

Driving is... driving. It takes a lot less time to get to Santa Fe then Megan thought.

The coyote rooftop cafe was deliciousness... granted it was just enchiladas but still. Being clean and eating good food is heaven.

Day 15 heading home

Farmers market is full of produce and Dickens. I mean seriously, there's an eight or nine year old boy in a top hat and tails playing the violin. His whole family looks like they just escaped a Victorian poor house. His sister plays an oboe! It lends a very weird atmosphere to the whole thing. Victorian Hillbilly. Oh well, apples are tasty.

Driving is driving. Megan has the wheel and will not let go. She in fact drives all the way home. We stop for Dairy Queen blizzards, marveling at how far off the freeway we have to drive to find one. And that girl scout cookies now come in blizzards. Unholy.

Got home, got my stuff outta the car, kissed the mate (love you honey) and collapsed into bed. Trip over. Pictures forth coming...

Final tally? Missing only 4 license plates.
Got 5 Canadian and 2 Mexican provinces, along with the Government plate and the freaking District of Columbia.

Very sweet trip.
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